Turn Photos Into Polaroids


Lately I have been thinking about how fun it would be to have my own polaroid camera. Of course, the camera’s themselves are cheap, but the film is far from it. I then wondered if I could turn my pictures into something that looked like a polaroid pic. After looking around, I came across this site called polaroin. It’s super easy to save the pictures from the website.

From there, I saved them to word document. (I could fit about two two a page)  Finally, I saved them to my handy flash drive and took them to Staples to have them printed on photo paper.


Voila….you now have polaroid looking photos. You can hang them up with just a bit of twine and mini-clothespins. (really cheap at wal-wart) I tied the ends of the twine to tacks and pinned them to my wall. So easy, and so fun!

Enjoy, and remember to “keep calm and DIY”

Recycle Last Year’s Calendar…

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already the second month of the new year. Maybe you still have last year’s calendar lying around the house somewhere. If so, perfect! You can easily turn your favorite pictures into decorative art.


Yes, I am a big fan of Taylor Swift so I took one of my favorite pictures from the calendar and decided to add lyrics to one of her songs-“Begin Again” which to me,  represent this new year. The lyrics were written in sharpie.  I also embellished it a bit with some glitter because I just couldn’t resist a touch of sparkle!